50 Most Important Composition List For SSC 2019 All Education Board

10 Most Important Composition For SSC 2019

if you are a candidate of SSC Exam then it’s important know what is the most important composition for ssc exam. what compositions should you learn for your ssc exam? so here are 50 most important composition list for all education board.


50 Most Important Composition For SSC 2019

  1. My Favorite Poet
  2. Your Hobby
  3. The School I Study
  4. The Village I Live In
  5. A Journey You Have Recently Enjoyed / A Journey By Boat You Have Enjoyed
  6. The Game I Like Most
  7. A Journey By Train I Have Made
  8. A Journey By Bus I Have Made
  9. Newspaper
  10. Duties Of Student
  11. Hazrat Muhammad (SM.)
  12. Our Country
  13. Digital Bangladesh
  14. My Future Plan Of Life
  15. My Daily Life / A Typical Day Of Mine
  16. Prize Day At My School
  17. A Village Market
  18. Fruits of Bangladesh
  19. Flowers of Bangladesh
  20. Birds of Bangladesh
  21. Rivers of Bangladesh
  22. The Flood in Bangladesh
  23. The Wonders of Modern Science / Science in Everyday Life/ The Blessing of Modern Science
  24. The Uses ad abuses of Television
  25. Tree Plantation
  26. Population Problem of Bangladesh
  27. Value of Time
  28. Physical Exercise
  29. Seasons in Bangladesh
  30. The Rainy Season in Bangladesh
  31. The Season in Like Most
  32. Discipline
  33. Student Life
  34. The Postman
  35. A Village Fair
  36. Environment Pollution
  37. The Importance of Radio on Our Life
  38. If I Win A Lottery
  39. My visit To A Place of Historical Interest
  40. My Childhood Memories
  41. Computer
  42. An Interesting Football Match I Have Enjoyed / Witnessed
  43. The Service of A Village Doctor
  44. The Usefulness of A Library
  45. The Village Games
  46. Female Education
  47. My Visit To See A Doctor
  48. A Rainy Day I Experienced
  49. A Journey By Plane
  50. An Accident

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