A Dialogue about the bad effect of copying in the exam

A Dialogue about the bad effect of copying in the exam

Rakib : Hi, Farhan, Good morning. How are you?

Farhan: Hi, good morning. I am not so well.

Rakib : Why?

Farhan: because the examination is knocking at the door but I am afraid of the exam.

Rakib : Don’t you learn your lesson properly?

Farhan: No, I do not and I made a bad result in the last exam.

Rakib : It’s very bad but you have to study hard if you want to make a good result.

Farhan: But I have found a way. I will copy in the exam.

Rakib : That is very bad. I do not support unfair means in the examination because unfair means is a serious offence.

Farhan: I failed in the last exam. I want to pass. Why are you against it?

Rakib : Because real education can not be acquired by adopting unfair means in the examination. The nations will plunge into darkness if the student don’t acquire true education.

Farhan: How can I pass the exam.

Rakib : Listen, you have to study regularly. Don’t worry I am sure you will be able to cover up.

Farhan: Thanks for your good suggestions.

Rakib : You are welcome.


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