A dialogue about the importance of early rising.

Rakib : I have heard that you get up early in the morning and walk for quite a long time.

Adil: yes, I always try to get up minimum half an hour before the sunrise and go for morning walk in the road or fields.

Rakib : What’s the benefit of early rising?

Adil : An early riser is many advantages. He can start his daily work earlier. As an early riser is enough time to work, he can earn more and become wealthy.

Rakib : Is early rising good for health?

Adil : Of course. The man who riser early in the morning can take some exercise and walk in the morning fresh air in the open field. The morning air refreshes both body and mind.

Rakib : I was completely in the dark. I will start rising in the morning.

Adil : If you cultivate the habit of rising early you may understand its importance.

Rakib : Thank you for awesome suggestion.

Adil : Thank you too. Hope will meet again with you.

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