A Islamic Love Story Between Husband and Wife

Islamic Love story

Islamic Love story

Islamic Love Story for muslim people who are got married or ready to marry. Read the full article for better understand.

Islamic Love Story Between Husband and Wife

Episode one …..

Always thought that marriage means eating two desserts in one plate, drinking water on the same side of the glass, making a microwave with the same microwave.
Etc etc !!

Only eighty percent of my sister-in-law after Hidayah. I would have been thinking about this. Amami would have been so engrossed with this, I used to cry out loud to her. I used to pray to her for the sake of marriage. I used to dare to get married soon. I had only a dream, a small house, a bed A pillow, a plate, a glass, some essential things, some books of Tafsir, two Qur’an, a jamamaj ………… Islamic Love Story

I had the dream of sorting out a little paradise, because of that!
Although “marriage” was a worship, in my eyes, “Romanticism” was a worship.
Marriage means that not only romanticism, but also …
It is a matter of fact that after learning that Shaykh was in his life,
Huh! ‘Shaykh’

I call him as Shaykh. He is not wrong, he has not even read in Aliya, he has read General Line. He is not a familiar face of the social media. He has hundreds of likes in his post, more than 100 comments, he does not share a lot. Still he was a man, I did not see I do not know how true religion is.

In the middle of the five brothers, my mother Shaykh. He ignored all the mockery of the strangled family in Zahleia. He married me, Masjid, Mohar was ten thousand rupees.
What is the problem of nose?

For every nine thousand rupees per month whose salary was used to delay the payment of several hundred thousand rupees, it would have been impossible. But when his father saw this question of determining the seal of questioning, Shaykh smiled and said, “Safiya’s mother’s seal was only His release, the rest of the rest of the emigrants, did not have more than twelve emigrants. ”
I do not know what the father understood, but did not overdo it.

He came to my father-in-law’s house and saw that he had arranged a house for the sake of his rights. None of the people of Basharbari did welcome me, but the ridicule smiled. The big ja did not cut the tippani,

‘How many more will be seen. Who knows if there is no ghost after the burqa, nikab, socks’.
Though I was sad, I saw a smile in the face of Shaykh. He said, as soon as he said, Surah Ahazab, Ayat Tattriyas, Allamudulillah, MashaAllah …….Islamic Love Story
At that moment the man did not feel anything except his crazy …..

I was surprised at night …
There was a strange idea about the night, but there was a strange idea about the night. But I saw him in the room with a smile, greeted me with a loud throat, and kept my eyes on my lap. I was stunned, and wondered what should not be done. He started reading it a lot,
“Hal Attaka Hadisul Gashiyah …….
Wu Juhui Yawama Ezin Khasiyah ……
Amilatun Nachhwah ………
Summa Inna Alayana Khasabahum! ”
As long as he was reading, I was looking at him as fascinated by his mantra. He used to eat a house in the house, it is not Sunnah, and he used to recite the Qur’an with the head of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

What a tranquility! What a strange tranquility! I cried. I asked if I did not remove the head from the coil. I did not ask him to read Isha.

Amigo Ishha Swalat Amya. I was not able to raise her head in the evening. I was crushed into the cave. I did not understand the cry of Kisses, I just cried. I saw her sleeping. I did not call her any more. She did not eat food. She did not eat dinner. I felt like a little water. I saw that he was looking at the big eyes, the clock was barely bitten. Fajr still left. Why is sleep so soon bhanalena!

When he got up, he continued like a machine ….
“Who is sleeping so dark, why did not you go to sleep at night, did not eat at night, did not you have a right to eat? Surely the food has been eaten. Get up early, wash your face, warm my curry. … ”

He was talking like how many times he knows his days. There is no problem in the matter. Even if he felt a little uncomfortable, he looked good. He saw it in front of the food. He was sitting in front of the food. But not in a plate, but in the different platelets, glass and seeing two … …Islamic Love Story
I looked at him with a complete look and said, ‘Sunnah to recite the Qur’an with his head, it does not know that it is Sunnah who has eaten the same glass in one and the same glass?’
There was a huff of a suppressed mind. I sat down to eat with ahiman ……………

Islamic Love Story Between Husband and Wife

Episode Two

islamic love story

I noticed that at the time of eating, he kept everything in good shape. He spread a bolt, stretched one knee and sat on a bare knee and sat down, Bismillah also recited the words ………..

At the end of the meal, at the end of eating, finger fingers at the middle, Shahadat, the old woman is eating lip. Seeing the time when eating food, concentration!
Bismillah breathes his glass with his right hand and drinks water in three breaths.
Even after eating at the end of the palace, he rose from the place.
I was feeling uneasy …….

The man who does so much maintenance does not play with the wife in the same vessel. Why is there a kind of anger? There are some men in the sky, Hajj is seen, but when expressing love with the wife is less, during the menstruation, the wife feels unclean, even The wife always looks humble!

It was as if he was going to burn in the rage, and he wanted to break the plate, like Ayesha Amjamana !!
I stopped eating and breathing in anger, he was not worried at what he was doing. I was looking at rice in a while, I felt a breath of breath in my ears, whispered to the ear, whispered,
“Ousubillah, anger is from hell”

Looking at his surprise, I saw him, with a smile, looking at me with a smile. We should not be able to find out what should be done at this moment. Anyone else may have lost his eyes in shame. But I wanted to be steadfast. Tall face, cheeked beard, laughing his eyes, his eyes are smiling, a black spots in the nose ….. it seems like never got ………Islamic Love Story

I did not know how long I was looking, Hush returned to see his eyes die.
Yes, yes! I have heard it, I saw him in my eye three times in a while!
The eyes of my lord …
Thinks !!!

islamic love story

I fell down on my face and said, ‘Ousubillah.’ I finished my meal with a smile. I saw three to fifteen hours in the house. I used to wear tahajjud for reading. See that he is in the meeting. Maybe he is reading Tahshud, I also noticed him. What a tranquility, It is a kind of laughter, but it seems that he was in a good mood with someone close to him.

When I saw him returning to Salam, I opened his eyes and hurriedly told him. I sat in bed asking him to pray for the prayer. We still see four o’clock in the morning. The time of the Fajr prayers will begin at five in the morning. I will read a little Qur’an, but I do not know where the Qur’an is. …
He asked me to sit on the bed in front of us. Otherwise, keeping my legs in my head like night …

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Do not you!
Keeping my head in his lap,
“Let’s face it.” Ooooobillah ………………….
Bismillah …………….
Hal Attaka Hadisul Gashiyah ……. ”
I started reading amo
Hal Attaka Hadisul Ghashiya!
Wu Juhui Yawama Ezin Khasiyah ……
Amilatun Nachhwah ………
…………….Islamic Love Story
……………………… ”
I was reading it in the face of somebody. Sometimes I have read an ayat, I have completed the entire surah gradually. I am not able to understand this man! I never thought that I would read the Qur’an, I have never dreamed of reading this Qur’an. I am always in constant respect for the man. Allah Almighty has witnessed such a big incident: The water came to my eyes with gratitude and I was just reading it, ‘Allamudulillah!’ Alhamdulillah! Aalahamadulillaha aala kulli up …… “At the end of Surat, he started saying,
–Blotta Amina, was it a surah?
– Al Ghasiyah.
– It is Makki Surah, Ghasiyah Qiyamatera the other name, I read it in the night, is it? It is my favorite Surah. It is not good to you Surat?
– Oh, I did not think of it altogether. But it feels good ….!
– Yes! Yes, why do not you like it? It is also the word of your Lord, so do not you? Look at Surat, in the first seven Ayats, the words of hell, the punishment of hell is said. Then only they were told from Athal to the 16th year, Which we all want to be. Who are you talking about?
– I can not say – I have never read with the meaning of suratata!
– I did not read Amina! Allah’s first message was, Iqra.
You have given me your rabbah to read. Why did not you read it? I do not have any problem. I will read it with you. Now listen to what I say.
Amina! Listen or sleep?
– No! Listen, you tell me.
– Hey, listen to Allah’s blessings till the next sixteen days. Then you have asked those who are directly questioning, questioning the disbelievers, and throwing out the question, about creation, this camel, astonishing, mountain, texture …. .a Islamic Love Story
Then with the balance of nature. Then he has reminded the Prophet (peace be upon him) that he should return to him.
This Amina, know that when I read this ahata,
“Inna ilaina yaabahum” I feel relieved … one day we will go to our lord. What will you say then? It is a lot of greed, listen to that oyat.Anyone knows, that is ……
– Salamun is the rabbi Rahim of the QuoLlm, right?
– Yes, yes, it is not surprising that Surah Yasin’s ATNN.

It is heard from a distance, that he got up from his lap and went to istanja, performed two rak’ats with wudu, then looked at him and said,
“Come on, let’s pray in the prayer.” Stand behind me.

I am going forward a little bit. I do not know what the five night nights are. However, my boss night is filled with the grace of Allah, absolutely perfect ……..
I am thankful to Allah, the head of the Noble, I know, I could never have been able to do so after the sojourn.

Islamic Love Story Between Husband and Wife

Episode Three ……

After dawn, I was sitting like a statue. I did not understand what should be done after dawn as a new wife. I have been sleeping in the night because of the night. I went to bed to get a little lean back. I could hear the joke of big jokes when I started to wake up, when I was about seven and a half Bad

islamic love story

The big jar started to see me sit up
– Ma, this house is asen. Nawabzadi sleep breaks. Hihai …. I was arriving in the morning the next day of my wedding, this girl of her !!
Mother, mother, do not even bathe yet, huh? What unclean! A girl is unclean …

Do not know anything, do not you know that when a bath is made mandatory? What shame! And see your mother, your son goes to the mosque to pick up anybody …
How many times did he know how to cut his remark, I said in the words of his uncle ….
– Awsalamu alaiyakum! How are you?

– What kind of apex? Big wife, I am thinking of this world, think, do not you think? Eh! There is a big pir, go to goose. Where are you? Who knows that this is in the house of this unclean person, who knows!
What a strange mentality! That is what it says. Soon after leaving, Shaykh came in the house.

– Osaslamu Alaikum! Sleep broke?

I was tired because I was sleeping, so did not call me. Did you not eat anything? Ih! How to eat? Do not wash your face even today. You also wash your face.
Welcome to Osaka!
I did not have anything to do with Misswalk.

– Oh, I did not think that I did, and now I’ll arrange it now.
He used to bring a pulse from his head in two minutes. There was a lot of pride in him too. What would have happened if we had given the gift to the person, that Sunnah should be made to make two of them with the same pulse. The person thinks that there is a vacuum. I do not think about seb, I went to Istanbul. See, Oma! She is sitting on the plate. Does this man do not understand anything without eating? At night the game was played, and now it does not blow in the morning.

What a strange! When we saw him standing, he began to say,
The odds are the walima. The people will be in trouble. When you know who will get in the forehead, you know, you sit down, eat some sweets. They did not find the land, did not get it in the country, from Saudi. Jamadham had water, it was finished. Eat only with normal water. Listen, the house has been boomed. I used to eat that night, wash the plate bowl. Now, say, work is going to rest the bed, oh ………..a Islamic Love Story

Okay, take it off. Give me the bed. You’ll join Amoe from tomorrow. Insha Allah, come and eat quickly. We have to go on the other side. You must ensure that there is no defect in the work of Vaala. Son, you do not have to stop from the house. I am sending you to mother, why are you still standing? Sit down.

Now, I noticed that the plate is a glass, but there are two. At one stage, he took a bit of a whistle, and he gave some food to eat. He is looking at a little shaky eyes, he is laughing, he laughs. He has confused his head instead of squeezing it. He is also keen on the whole day! Isha! What a flavorful taste!

– Amina, sometimes it seems to be fun with Ahilya. What are you looking for? Fill it from the face. Do not you feel like it? Fool. Finish eating it, how are you going?
He smiled and said this. When I was gone, I got smile.

I laughed with the sound of the words. However, he said he would send the mother. But after about a couple of miles passed, the mother did not feel like it. I felt her fiercely. I thought I would go out, but I will go out, but she is unconscious, she has forbidden him, so he did not go out. Called the phone and talked for a while. Then I did not see the time, I logged into Facebook, changed the relation status, I had a few hours with Apu. Tarejajai big ja came after.

If you do not see me like a girl, I did not see her. I will not be able to serve her mother-in-law in the morning. If she does not, she will not be able to serve her mother-in-law. It is supposed to be. It is just like that. Goddess like that. Now tell me, why do you sleep so late? …..a Islamic Love Story

Nabila !!!!!!
I am surprised !!
He’s going to talk. We do not care about that. I am just walking around the head of the night. He is not the only one who has not touched him. Who is this nabila tie or who? His ex-boy, I did not say it. I was feeling restless. I felt a pain in Chinchin, on one side of my head or who knows in the chest. ……
Kampakampa voice I asked,

– Who is Nabila?
Do you have any idea that the wife of the house does not want to think about it, but what should she teach her? In some ways, the girl has made a look like a thief. In your marriage, four berries came in the form of gold, are you? Haha! Hey, know that from your groom.
He was angry and he went away. Here his head is going to be empty. Who is Nabila? His lover or his first wife?
He did not say whether he is divorced!

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Or is he really napong ……
Do not you think! But why did not he come to me or tomorrow?
I was thinking, I was hurting! It was a lot of trouble ……………a Islamic Love Story
The parents came to Wali’emi. On the little saddle, someone who smoked turmeric powder, everyone busy with that. We do not even have to worry about it!

He came in the afternoon. He inquired whether he needed anything. I do not see them all day. After the Maghrib, I returned. But I did not eat it till now. I did not feel that trouble was happening. I used to say ‘Nabila’, ‘euphonic’. I always kept tears in my eyes. Whenever he came home and greeted him, I could not stop. I cried loudly. Just trying to do just this, I asked,
‘Where is Navilla now?’

He was sitting beside my shoulders and asked me for the reason of crying. He got up in a jiffy after hearing the news. I did not understand the anger or the fear in his eyes. But for that moment. Then he laughed. He said,
– Nabila is in the house of his father, why should this question be? And if you know about Nabila, how do you know? It is very good to hear the cry of it? Fear is the fear of losing us? Ohah!

Have you fallen in love with me? One night, you have to eat something, eat something, eat something? Okay, then eat it. What happened, what happened, my student came to Waliyam ……..
He is talking about other things in the context. I am moving around, is he hiding from me? He was quite a believer in the morning since it was from morning to morning. So all the drama? Hypocrisy !!

Islamic Love Story Between Husband and Wife

Episode Four

He was screaming in his mind, as he was ignoring me. After the eighth day, he recited Qur’an with his head in his lap ………
‘Wattoo ….
Wataitaabamastur …..
Fee rakkim mansur ……

Inna Ajababa Rabbika Laququ …….
Yawama Yuda’una Ila Nari Jahanama Da’aa ………

Wah minallaily phasbih hu wa eed baran nujum! ‘
I noticed that he was crying in some places while reciting Surat. I did not even wear it. Even though I was sitting like a silent mum, I used to sit in the lap of the ear while keeping the Qur’an recited, I did not even share his coconut. He started to say,
– Oamina! Why are you feeling frustrated?
– Anyway …
If you read this Surah, it is just a matter of disappointment.
So, why should you fear? Besides, I have never read the meaning of Bangla in this Surah …
Osale i …a Islamic Love Story

– There is no problem at all. Now you will not read. Do you know, at least twenty percent of the sum of a surah will be included with the tafsir?
– Insha Allah will read.
– Now, listen to this Surah to you. In this Surah, you have taken the oath of the mountains on Mount Tur. What do you know about Mount Hill? Listen to the mountain on which Moses used to speak to your Rabb, standing on the mountain. Then listen to it, then in the name of the Book, Baitul Mamur Have been sworn in. What is Baitul Mamur?
– Not sure, but I was in an automobile, where the al-Ma’mur is situated on the seven heavens, where the angels worship. This worship is filled with angels in such a way that every day 70 thousand angels enter it for worship. Those who will not be able to re-enter till Resurrection.

islamic love story

–MashaAllah, you are right. In the sky, the Ka’ba of the angels living in the seventh heaven is Baitul Mamur. That is why during the night of Meraaj, when Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) arrived here, he saw Ibrahim Alaihis Salam sitting on the wall of Baitul Ma’mur and he built the Kaaba of the world.

Then listen, your Lord has sworn by the name of the ocean of the sky. Now you can ask questions in your mind, what Allah will say, will tell really. Why are you so swearing so many things, right?
– Yes, that’s right. What was the need to swear?

– Why do we swear, why do we say, raise credibility, do not we? If we do not believe in our words, we can increase our credibility by swearing. But it is not applicable to your rabbah. If you think that, he has sworn in immediately, when something very important says. Besides, the various oaths that have been made in different places in the Qur’an Majid make the matter beautiful, decorative and strong La, understand?

– Yes, I understand.
– See what is the essence of this Surah, the description of the Hour, the punishment of hell, the fate of the garden, and our responsibility.
If you look at it, it will be seen in the six to sixteen years that the horrors of Resurrection and the punishment of the people of hell are mentioned. Then see, from seventy to ninety eight, there is a mention of the description of Paradise.

– What details of the story?
– It’s that there will be abundance. And ……
Then you will read it. Then you have asked questions about the unbelievers, about the creation, about the creation, their actions. Then after all, Allah’s work has made us aware of our responsibility, our responsibility. What is the responsibility? !
– No, you tell me.
– “Lihukomi Rabika Fna Innaqa B’Aunna wa Sabbih Bihamdi Rabika Hina Takum”
It is said that the last tension is a sign of the past. It is said to be patient, we have been told to recite Tasbih.
After that, see that, it is said to be,
“Wah minallaily phasbih hu wa eed baran nujum”

Here the order is given at night, after reading the stars of Tasbih after the night, and after the stars sat on the night, to announce the greatness of the Lord. Even though it was a reminder to the Prophet (peace be upon him), it is also applicable to us. If you take the name, then darud is read. I also did not remind you of the time.

– Ophahan! He did not remember it. Sahlallahu alaihi wa sallam. But, I do not understand, here is the story of Tahajjud.
–It is not Tahajjud, but Maghrib, Isha Eduato are also included in the worship of this night. Besides, the Qur’anic recitation, general Tasbih recitation, and the recitation of Allah also mean.
– What is the meaning of the other stars being set up? Which time? What is worship?

It is likely to indicate the previous two rak’ats of circumcision of Sunnah.
I am fascinated and looking at him. How does this person know so much? MashaAllah !! MashaAllah !!

For a while, I did not think, ‘Nabila’ and ‘euphonic’ words are two words. When she pulled us closer, she was suffering from severe uncomfortable. I could not expose her to know the mystery of ‘Nabila’. On the other hand, I could not, because he would not be angry with me and I would be a sinner if I went to bed. But I said in vague voice,
– Now think I need time.
– And Sam Space, Alright, Right?


I was surprised to see her type of thing. I was surprised to hear that, without speaking unnecessarily. If she knew from the beginning, I would say something like this. What a laughable smile in her mouth! A perfect smile! No! This man can deceive us, whatever it may be. No. I can not do anything that will hurt us. We will ruin our rights. Yet, I bravely raised the issue of Nabila. I want to know who is this Nabila. Nksipta answer was,
– You are still there after this? You are crazy madness. It is a crazy madness that I am. This Amina, come and lie down. Let’s tell you a story.
Once heard, the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions are sitting in the house of Ammaan Aiyshah. At that time, Um Salamah sent a full plate of food to his cooked meal, then hear what happened, when Ammaan Ayesha was very envious and broke the plate in a house.Oh, what is the child, is not it? It is also a kind of feeling. Oh, you know what is the meaning of girah, girah is a jealous, protective jillasi ………. a Islamic Love Story

I have sighed. I am lying on one hand. I can not accept her. I can not accept my silence until I know the mystery of the mystery. The man has started taking the masunoo. The person is speaking Ayat al-Kursi, threekul, Surat al-Baqarah 285-286 He is looking at his eyes with flaky eyes. This person is so transparent, so holy, if he is avoiding the topic of Navila Again and again !!
Insha Allah will run …….


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