A Street Beggar Paragraph For JSC/SSC

A street beggar may be able-bodied, blind, lame or crippled.

(a) Who is a street beggar? (b) Where is a street beggar seen? (c) How is his cloth? (d) How does a street beggar look? (e) What does a street beggar do to have alms? (f) What does he do to those people who give him alms?

A Street Beggar

The beggar who begs alms in the street is called a street beggar. He is seen sitting or standing everywhere is in the street of towns or cities. His hair is unabashed and without oil. He is seen in patched up and torn clothes. His clothes are very dirty ad bad smell emits from his clothes. Sometimes a street beggar is alone and Sometimes in a company.

A street beggar may be able-bodied, blind, lame or crippled. A street beggar has a bag hanging does his shoulder. When a passer-by walks past him, he stretches his begging bowl for alms. Sometimes he is seen reciting some sentences of the Holy Quran or the Kalema and asks for money in the Name of Allah and His holy prophet.

However, some passers by give him some coins and some leave being annoyed at his loud shouts. A street beggar prays for the passersby who help him. If anyone refuses to give him something, he silently leaves the place and goes to another. Sometimes a street beggar earn a lot.

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