Cricket Composition, Cricket Essay, Short Essay on Cricket


Cricket Composition, Cricket Essay, Short Essay on Cricket

Cricket is an English outdoor game. Now a day it is a most popular game all over the world. In Bangladesh it is very popular game. The students and other like to play it. Players, play ground and equipment: The game of cricket is played between the two parties of eleven players.

It requires a very plain ground so that the ball may roll on smoothly. Two sets of wickets with bails, two bats and a ball are necessary for this game. The wickets are pitched 22 yards apart from each other. How to play: It is played between the two parties. One side comes in for batting and other side engages itself in fielding. Two of the players of one team come to bat all the players of the others party try to bowl them out.

Some batsmen are caught out, some are bowled, some are stumped out and some are run out. In this way ten players of the batting side go on scoring runs. There are two umpires who conduct the game. The team that makes the greater number of runs wins the game.

Popularity: Cricket becomes very popular recently in Bangladesh. Bangladesh cricket team has got some victory on cricket in foreign countries. The have got a desirable name and fame for the country. So playing is held in every nook and corner of Bangladesh. Benefits: The game of cricket is a healthy game. All the limbs and muscles of the body are fully moved and exercised in it.

It develops team spirit. It also teaches the players patience,perseverance, discipline, obedience and many other useful virtues. Conclusion: This is a popular game in all the countries of the world. It is popular in Bangladesh. We hope, cricket players of Bangladesh will achieve a great name and fame in the world.

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