Games and Sports composition for SSC

Games and Sports composition for SSC

Write a Composition about Importance of Games and Sports in our life.

Games and sports play an important role in human life. There is a proverb that a sound minds in a sound body. Good health is attained by games and sports. The world can only be united through organizing games and sports, Men enjoy game and sports in two ways playing and enjoying. They can get relieved of monotonous life by playing and enjoying games and sport. So its importance beggars description.

There are many types of games and sports in the world some are indoor games and some are outdoor games. Outdoor games are usually tough to play but beneficial for preserving our heath form various diseases. Football, cricket, volleyball, ha-du-du, high jump, long jump, tennis, golf, swimming hockey, badminton, basket ball etc are some kinds of outdoor games. The familiar indoor games are computer and mobile games, card, ludo, chess, carom wrestling etc. All kinds of games and sports game us entertainment. Football which used to be the most popular spectator sport in Bangladesh is gradually being replaced y cricket as a popular form of sports entertainment. But most of the courtiers of the world still prefer football to cricket.

Sports are of great significance and benefits in our everyday life. They play a vital role in building up individual’s body and mind and also for developing harmony in the community. Both physical and mental heath becomes benefited through sports. Games and sports are today a good source of earning money. The players who have reputation home and abroad can earn a lot of money. They are also ambassadors of a country’s identity, pride and good whishes. Every nation can be proud of their good performance that brings hour for her around the world. Their sports venue becomes a meeting place of people from different countries. People of different nations get together on the occasion of an international sporting event. As a result, they come closer to each other sharing views, opinions and friendship. This opportunity creates brotherhood and a spirit of mutual co-operation among them. Moreover, getting acquainted with different centuries helps to breakdown prejudice and broaden outlook. Sports can certainly contribute in a big way to the development of international relationship.

There are some demerits of games and sports. Many of us spend a lot of time in enjoying games and sports. In this respect sour main duties and responsibilities may be overloaded and neglected. During sports the supporters between two team get involved in violent clashes. This unwanted situation may result in the death of their innocent fans.

It is certain that outdoor games and sports are always beneficial for growing School and college boys and girls. They help to grow physical and mental heath. Sports form and useful part of our education. They develop moral value and promote co-operation, obedience to rules, self control. Finally the nation will be greatly benefited by uniting the people through games and sports.

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