Ha-du-du, A Composition About on Ha-du-du

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A Composition About on Ha-du-du

There are many countries or local game in Bangladesh. Ha-du-du is the most important and interesting of them. It is a out-door games. Another game, similar to Ha-du-du and called Kabadi is our national game. The game played in our country side in a small but smooth ground. It can be played without spending much money. The teams and the ground: Ha-du-du is played between two parties in an open field. Each of the parties has equal number of players form a team in this game. The ground is divided into two equal parts.

A line is drawn in the middle to demarcate the respective zone of each team. How played: The players of each party stand in respective zone. They stand face in a line or in the form of a semi-circle. As the game starts, the first team sends on of its players to dash into the zone of the opponent team. He has to utter all along the word: Ha-du-du, keeping up his breath. Holding his breath he must try to touch one or more players of the opponent team and dash back to his zone safe. If he can touch and reach his own zone, he remains in life.

The opponent player or players touched by him are declared ‘Dead’ Dead player or players are out of the game temporarily. On other hand, if he is caught by the opponent, he himself is declared Dead, In this way the team by turns send their players, one at a time, to dash into the zone of the opponent party. A dead player can come back to life by the death of a member of the opposite party. The game come to end when all the players of a party are declared, ‘Dead’ The party that survives is said to have won the game. Interesting parts of the game: The game of Ha-du-du, from the beginning to the end, is very interesting. Attacks and counter attacks make the game more interesting.

The spectators enjoy the scene very much when the player uttering Ha-du-du is held back by the players of the rival team and he very helplessly tries to overcome them. Conclusion: Ha-du-du is a game of our country. It can be played without any cost. it makes us strong and active. Once it was a very popular game.

Now it has lost its appeal to the modern youths. In order to popularize it again. We should take proper steps to attract the youths to this game.


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