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How to be a happy couple

How to be a happy couple

Marriage is an important chapter in the life of every woman and man. Marriage is a social recognition through which a woman and a man together start a new chapter of life. There are many changes in the life of the marriage and the next daily life.
The question is how can these couples be successful couples?

There is usually some discrepancy between the taste and habit of a man with a man’s habit, taste, etc.. Although they are under the control of their parents, older brothers, maternal uncle, uncle or other men before marriage, they do not completely control him as a husband wants to control his wife.

For example, a girl under her father spent a lot of time in life. At this time he did not face any such problem. Most of the parents easily accept the demands of their daughter. Even though governing a little, the girls generally do not complain, anger or jealous towards their father.

The father gets his wife’s support in the care of his son and daughter, ie, all the needs of the father are fulfilled. As a result, the father wants to give him something from the girl to his daughter. As a result, after becoming a father, an ideal man for the girl. And since then, a girl is expecting or dreaming that her husband will be like a man like her father.

how to be a happy couple

But when she got married, she came in charge of her husband. At this time, he had to make many changes in his taste, habits and lifestyle. As soon as he gets married in his new life, the married life becomes so full of happiness and peace.
How the father resolved to solve the problem; Your spouse may not dominate your problem or your liking or dislike. So in some cases you have to adapt or patiently explain what you expect from him.

Dad did not expect anything from you. She wanted to teach you but your husband would expect a lot from you that you have to fill. The home was like a school for you and the husband’s house is like a work place. Performance will be shown in the husband’s home, especially on husband care. And a boy who saw his mother how much he cared for at the time of the mother.

And when she marries, she expects care, love and love for her mother as well as to her wife. But the mother’s discretion can never get a wife. Because the mother knows about her son’s habit, taste, which takes a lot of time to understand or understand a wife.

Develop these couples to be successful couples

On the other hand, the mother usually gets almost everything she needs from her father. That is why the mother does not have anything to give her just about the child. For this reason, the mother becomes a very dear personality and gets to every child.
But since the wife expects everything from her husband, the husband also expects his wife to have absolute hope.

However, there should be a mindset for both husband and wife. Then there will be good relations between each other.
The mentality or thinking of two people will never be the same. So both of them have to negotiate with each other to cooperate with each other in order to stay together. Let’s know some important information or tips that will help you succeed in a married life.

How to be a happy couple

Prefer his opinion:

The first problem in married life is that of this opinion. In addition to your opinion, your life-style views should be equally important. Before making any important decision, both of them will have a solution through discussion. Your opinion can not be impregnated. But of course, a major decision-maker should be headed. In this case, the husband will perform this important duty. However, the husband must take his wife’s opinion. But he will take the decision. Yes, in some cases the woman will lead the way, such as cooking, bathing in houses, and taking care of family tasks like child rearing. But of course, understand the husband’s mind and do everything accordingly.
Present yourself in beautiful attire

How to be a happy couple
How to be a happy couple How to be a happy couple How to be a happy couple

Develop these couples to be successful couples

When we go out of the house for a long time, we get tidy well; However, I do not dress much for my wife or husband. You should also appear in front of your loved one. This will increase love for each other.

Not careless about your loved one, be careful

Neglect is one of the main reasons for any relationship being lost. So be careful about your own person. Express your love for her through your activities. Learn to love every day. Just like the flower tubes in your house, if you do not have to drink water everyday, one day the tree will die, just like you would love your life partner every day. Then the tree of love will grow bigger day by day.
Be clear

There is a problem that is in doubt or will have to refrain from talking about such a problem. There should be no confidentiality between husband and wife. When talking, you must understand the person you love or honors your partner. Tell the truth and do not tell the lie completely.
Stay faithful

There is no option of loyalty. If you get the confidence of loyalty, he will also be faithful to you. We do not want to be deceived by any of us. So be faithful to your own interests.
The doubt is very harmful. Suspicion damages the relationship. So, if there is any doubt about it, you will have to ask for it. But of course, you have to speak with humility. It is not right to doubt too much. And all things have to be openly discussed, nothing can be hidden from each other.

In the married life, you will always be used with honey, when it is not right to argue or quarrel. It is rather normal to argue or quarrel. But these things can not be prolonged. The husband or wife can not be given a quote before the married life. Do not talk old during the quarrel.

We listen to the words of others very carefully but do not give importance to the words of our partner. And when your life partner understands that you are not giving importance to him, since then the doubts of each other will increase. So listen carefully to what your life partner will say when you talk about it.

Spend time together

There is no alternative to spending time together to maintain good relation with husband and wife. The more time the husband and wife spend together, the better relations between them grow. On the other hand, if the opposite happens then the doubt will increase; So the family needs to give time. To spend time alone in the husband’s spouse, you must have your own bedroom to say openly. And every woman wants to spend time alone with her husband. So, despite hardship, at least, before marriage, a room will be built for themselves. But do not have a separate bed. This will increase degradation.
Because of the increased physical degradation, mental depression may also increase.

Some problems will always be there to accept them:

Some disgusting issues, such as hazardous distress, sadness, are an integral part of our lives. These dislikes will remain. They will not be completely finished; When to increase or decrease. So these issues should be taken naturally and try to solve the problem.
Find some good points of each other

How to be a happy couple
How to be a happy couple How to be a happy couple How to be a happy couple

Many things about your life partner may not be good for you. Still, find out some of the good things that can be done and publish it, that is, to greet some good reputation, you will see what will be a happy environment.
To practice forgiveness:

We are not wrong. It’s normal to make a mistake. Pardon the wrong in the head without keeping it in the head. This will increase the respect for each other, love will grow.
To give greetings to each other, thank you, Allah Hafez, Fei Amanillah, etc., have to be developed.

We honor or salute different men and women, but do not greet our life partner, thank you. However, Salam is more entitled to his life partner.
To solve the problem yourself:

It is not unusual to have problems in life. But try to solve this problem yourself. Do not talk about problems or quarrels with your friends, brothers or younger people. The problem will not be solved as it will grow. However, if you have the possibility to become bigger, then you will have to inform yourself most of the problems. For example, a mother, a father or a sister who can help solve the problem in a slow way. But it is better to try to hide or solve the problem manually.
Give your life partner the highest priority

how to be a happy couple | Biyeta will never be a person to be your or her trusted wife / husband. And if your husband / wife knows in a way that someone dear or trusted in you is in your life then you can not be happy in a married life. Before marriage, if any one is married then there can be no relationship with him after marriage.

Let us try to develop these habits in our married life. It is a good wish that all will be well- Allah Hafez

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