Husband and Wife Romance in Islam

Husband and Wife Romance in Islam

Husband and Wife Romance in Islam

Husband and Wife Romance in Islam

We have long believed that there is nothing to love in Islam, just like the eyes of a lion will live like a robot.
Actually, it is not right, but our Prophet (peace be upon him) loved his wives very much. There was no falsehood, love or love, love was sacred, which is ideal for us.
He said, “You can not go to Paradise until you are a believer, and you will not be a believer till you are good to each other.”

Husband’s wife love in Islam | What should be the relationship between husband and wife Marriage

So we realized that love is the sign of faith. However, some examples of how much the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) loved his wives were presented:

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Love is not a hidden object. If it is lawful Love for your wife is also revealed to others. The Prophet said:
I have been given love for Khadiya. (My love for him is Hadiya of Allah). (Muslim).

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Asheya’s friends came to her boyfriend’s friends. His age was still low. Dolls liked to play. He used to play with Saeed. The Prophet (Saiyid) would send them to Ayesha. (Muslim) gave opportunity to play.

It not only loved wives but also loved their friends. Keep exploring. The communication would not have ceased. It would send it to Hadiya.

If the goat was slaughtered, some meat would have said separately:
Come to the house of the Khadija (and so) girlfriend! (Muslim).

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The Prophet was busy all day long. Giving time to spouses to spouses would give time. But during the night, when he became silent, he used to go out with Aisha. Used to walk as he used to walk (Bukhari).

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Playing with the ladies. Ayesha Ra. Said:
Once the Prophet told me, let’s race in the race! We ran I finished racing ahead of him. After a while my health was a little better, he would once again give me a competition. Now he wins. Smile smiled:
-That’s the change. Resolve (Abu Daud).

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The Prophet came from the tour and did not go to the house with sarcasm. Wife would have had the opportunity to dress up. We would give them time to prepare. Jaber ra Said:
We once returned from Madinah tour. When he was about to go home, the Prophet said:
-Thom, give women the chance. Go home by night The wives will be able to recover ‘shawarma’ in this. You can take the shape of the unholy hair! (Nasai).

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The wife is not just fault, she needs to find out her qualities too. They need to be published. If there is something unpleasant, there is no reason to go to the table:
Husband does not treat his wife wrongly. Although he does not like any of his behavior, one would like the other way! (Muslim).

Hasaband and Wife Romance in Islam

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Safia Ra. On a tour, the Prophet accompanied the Prophet Safia (R) was walking a bit slowly. Lagged behind. The prophet went ahead to him. Going to see Safia crying and saying:
– You have to ride me on a slow donkey!
The Prophet nodded his tears of affectionate eyes. He told her not to cry and said (Nasai).

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The Prophet (peace be on him) also worked more incredible (in our age view). He says:
“Allah will give you reward for the fate that you give to your wife (Bukhari)”.

Attend wives to the Eid-festival also. Sunnat enjoying them with them. Ayesha Ra. Said:

– Some Habibshi boys were playing with spears once in the mosque. The Prophet was watching their game. I also stood behind him, reclining on him and enjoying the game (Bukhari).

Give us Taufiq to obey these Sunnah in the love of each other, because of God’s love for each other, Ameen.


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