husband duty on wife in Islam

husband duty on wife in Islam

Husband’s duty to wife in Islam 1. You will have some books in Vidya Shaka 2. They will always be kept on screen 3. Teachings will be taught about the language 4. They can never be abused in bad language. They will have to pay their lawful fees. 6. They Work should always be encouraged 7. If there are foreigners, there will be something to bring home while coming home

Merciful ÷

In the interest of husband’s wife’s duty, happy married life, orderly family, self-esteemed and affluent husband and wife, Islam has imposed some rights on the life partner husband. Some of the important ones are given here.

husband duty on wife in Islam

1. Dahan Mohar

It is obligatory for women to pay seals. This haq is not his own, his parents or anyone else. Allaah says, ‘Give you wives of dowry in a cheerful heart’. [Nisa: 4]

husband duty on wife in Islam
husband duty on wife in Islam husband duty on wife in Islam husband duty on wife in Islam

2. Fill up

According to the custom and traditional custom, the husband’s duty is to fulfill the wife’s duty. This can be more and more depending on the fate of the husband and his wife. Such differences may vary between times and places. Allaah said, “The rich will spend their lives according to their wealth.” And the person who owns limited resources will spend it from the limited resources given by Allah. The person does not give any command to spend more than the amount given to Allah. [TALK: 7]

3. Tender affection for the wife and kindness

Do not be harsh on your wife. Patience of his tolerant mistakes. As husband, everyone should know that although women are in all possible seats of dignity, it can not be amended in full. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “You are kindly interested in women. Because, they are caused by rib bones. The upper bone of the ribs is the most curved bone. (The bones that have been created by women) If you want to make it straight, break it. If you put it again, then it will remain burke. So, please be kind to them, and take good advice about them. “[Bukhari]

4. Be self-respecting about your wife

Hold them in hand and guide them to Hefajat and guidance. Because they are creatively weak, they will be damaged in any indifference to their husbands, they will harm others.

That is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) has warned so much from the woman’s welfare. He said: ‘I did not leave women cheerfully more harmful for men in my absence’. [Bukhari: 4706]

On the insight of women, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “You are amazed to see Sa’ad’s emotions and self-esteem. I feel proud of him, and Allah is ‘more arrogant than me’. [Muslim: 275]

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