Islamic Love Story “I Love You” An Heart Touching Love Story

islamic love story

Islamic Love story must read full the story….

islamic love story

A Heart Touching Islamic Love Story

>> What’s your head made?
>> What is more sugar? (Wife)
You do not know, sugar is more or less than yours
Parents also learn to make tea at home
That is why the mother of the mother throws a cup of tea
On the body
The wife is silent, no one is standing
Do not talk
>> That’s off from my cock.
>> Forgive me, since then no more
It will not be wrong.

>> Tell me to go from here.
>> Wife looked at her husband’s whip
Come back from the room.
Husband has a small job.
He wanted Maran to marry a girl
To do that, decorate beautifully, walk around
It will go to the party, but on the forehead
He is aka his parents
The woman wore the screened girl, to see
It is not that bad, but beautiful than the beautiful
But there is no love for her husband
The wife did not have the love, but also in it
He has no compromise.

Just wants to use a little better.
The wife’s fault is here,
If you go out of the curtain, more than once
Time is not out, no party
If the arrangement is made of all the wives of the party
But they do not want to go.
Husband wife lovers see how many husbands wives
The lover gives a chat in the park, bikes
In turn, the husband and wife want but his wife
It does not have much time and does not want to go.
Here he insists So always wife
With bad use. Wife is absolutely
Does not tolerate
>> Cigarette is not playing here?
>> You eat cigarettes in your money, do not you?
Father’s Money

>> I’m not talking about eating, I’m
I can not tolerate the smell of cigarettes, she
Say for
It was better to eat from the outside.
>> Do not tolerate the room which runs away, more
Do not talk
>> The wife lying silently, cigarette
Having a bad smell remains with the husband.
At night, the wife wakes up and sleeps beside him
There is no husband to see you again
Get up, go home and go to the verandah
See who you see on the phone.
>> Talk to whom?
The husband was a little hesitant, behind
The mood over the wife turns to sweat
Will say.

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A Heart Touching Islamic Love Story

islamic love story

>> I’m not obliged to tell you that I am
Talk to whom,
>> Because you say I’m your wife,
See who you are talking to?
When the mobile can take
Then the husband put a slap on his face
Give me
Then came back to the room.
The rest of the wife spent the night in the verandah
Give me
The next day
From the office, he got very hungry,
Go to the table and keep the food
But after eating the food, Platea
On the wife’s side,
Do not cook your head, do not you?
Father’s head
Salt of the fruit was seen with the wife’s face
More than.

Then they started blaming themselves
To eat all the day at the office and eat
The next day the husband said to the office.
>> Some of my shirts, lungee, mine, tomorrow
All of the necessary things are included in the bag
To be kept.
>> What’s going on?
>> Three days in office
To go
>> Many happy, you can also smile
>> Yeah, what’s the smile here?
The next day everything is beautifully arranged
Bags in the bag.
>> ok hear , To
>> what
>> Give this panjabita or give it,
No, do not give it
>> If you’re wearing one
>> The speaker of your Amir
Listen carefully.

They went to a mosque
If you go to the church, but one at one hour
After the duty to clean.
So today he’s next.
Maybe not even then,
When you eat, you can eat food
Salt is more food than food,
Everyone looked at the face and looked at everyone
I’m thinking of you.
Nobody said anything.
He had a little more salt in his mind
Plateing the plate to the wife.
But today everyone eats quietly
Going on.
The water came to his mind after thinking it came out
Then she could understand how much she was his wife
And he did not use it, then at that time
He hated himself.
Their amir was speaking
A noble wife has 100 martyrs
He has a good wife at home, he is in the house
There are angels of grace.
I heard more different ways
Three came home
Dareja knock the knock and play,
Today is for Asaba since that morning
I was standing in the rug.

Wife to keep her husband in the bag
Started crying over
The wife also spit on her husband’s cry and water
Came back
You forgive me
I’m sorry you do not do anything
>> I’m very wrong with you,
>> I do not mind, husband
Sometimes a fool wants to forgive his wife.
>> Well, with whom you are in the night that night
You’re talking
>> Oh, that is my single friend Singapore
Then the wife spouse cut a pinch
>> It hurts me and all night long
For clotting.
Then both of them laugh together.
Hugging again


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