Importance of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Importance of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Importance of Reading Newspaper

  • What role does a newspaper play? (b) Why is reading newspaper important? (c) What does a newspaper do to the common means? (d)Why do the merchant read the newspaper? (e) What is the demerit of a newspaper?

People are naturally eager to know about world events. The newspaper is the best medium to satisfy this carries. It is a paper that carries news to us. It’s tell us What is it happening in our home and abroad. It is the storehouse of knowledge and information. A newspaper is the supplier of all sorts of news views. Merchants read the paper to know market conditions. Sportsmen amuse themselves with sports news. A professor or a teacher collects news articles and opinions. Statement keeps themselves informed of the diplomacy of the world. Newspapers have also corners for children and women.

Students read newspaper to supplement the education that they receive at schools and colleges. It is our good companion in our solitary hours or ton a railway compartment. It brings sleep on timings, government notifications, laws and bills and projects are giving publicly through newspaper. A newspaper serves the nation. It supports public opinion and public acclaim voices. A newspaper helps the government in various ways. But the newspaper is not an unmixed blessing. A newspaper, guided by passions and prejudice, does a lot of mischief. However, newspaper has made the world. Smaller and helps one nations to understand the other. So it’s equality, freedom and bondage because the champion.

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