JSC Board Challenge System, Process and Rules

JSC Board Challenge

The results of the JSC and JDC exams for the year 2018 were published on December 24. This is my post for those who did not receive the results of this test. In this post I will tell you how to re-examine JSC and JDC exam results. First of all, let’s know about the re-evaluation of the results.

Results Reschedule Keys

Even after the results of SSC or HSC exams, all the secondary and higher secondary education boards of Bangladesh do not expect the students to have an uncertainty in their respective books, giving them the opportunity to re-evaluate the results, “reclamation of results”, “re-evaluation”, “accounting challenge “,” Rescrutiny “etc. Many people think that the board authority re-evaluate the account. But what is actually done by the board in this process is that the number of errors or errors in providing a number of numbers is met.

JSC Board Challenge Rules:

There is no need to go to the board to regenerate the result. If you want to apply for re-evaluation of the results from the mobile at home. Whatever it takes for him A mobile phone with Teletalk connection (Only Teletalk operator can be retrieved from the results but those who do not have Teletalk SIM have nothing to worry about, if they want to use any other SIM or apply for re-valuation of the result then you can apply from such a shop. For mobile applications, the application fee will be deducted from the mobile application fee of Tk 125 for each subject. For all subjects, for example, Bengali and English, a subject will be considered for application of two letters of the code, so in this case Cost 250 taka) A personal number of contact with you (number of any operators in Bangladesh can be given)

How to SMS to apply JSC Result Board Challenge:

Go to the mobile’s messaging options-

RSC <Space> First 3 characters of your board name <space> roll number <space> subject code

For example: If a student’s roll number of Jessore Board is 259663 to apply for his Bengal, write: RSC <Space> JES <space> 259663 <space> 101 After that the message will be sent to the number 16222. Note that you can apply for more than one topic at an SMS. In that case, the code for the commas (,) must be written separately. For example, two forms of Bengali and English have to be applied

RSC <Space> JES <Space> 259663 <Space> 101,107

In this case, for each subject and for each letter, it will be charged Tk 125. You will be given a PIN number indicating how much money will be taken in the return SMS. If you agree then afterwards go to the massage options

RSC <Space> YES <Space> Pin Number <Space> A number of contacts (any operator)

For example, suppose your PIN number is given in return SMS 12345 and your mobile number 01913XXXXXX will apply as such:

RSC <Space> YES <Space> 12345 <Space> 01XXXXXXXXXXXX

If you followed the above procedures correctly, your results have been successfully evaluated.

JSC Board Challenge Rules:

JSC Board Challenge

Application deadline

This process usually runs out of the week after the results of the test are published. The results of JSC and JDC results of 2018 will continue from 25-12-2018 to 01-01-2019 at 11:59 pm. So do not delay today, apply it and remove all the uncertainty of your mind on the results!

Regarding the outcome of JSC and JDC exam results review

Result of Result of JSC and JDC Exam Result. Generally, the number provided for contact with you during the renewal application will be automatically sent to the number (if your results are changed) after publishing the results. Besides, the results of the results of the changes will be changed in PDF form separately on the website of each education board. After publication, the results of all board’s JSC and JDC exam results will be reviewed together with this link.

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