Our National Flag Paragraph For SSC And HSC

our national flag

Every country has their independent and national flag. in Bangladesh we also has our national flag. our national flag can remember whose people give us Bangla language to leave their life. we never forget that day which day they are dead for our language and our national flag. So the paragraph that is Our National Flag it’s an important paragraph for our school students. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Our National Flag

Every free nation has a flag of its own. It’s the symbol of independence and sovereignty of a free country. Bangladesh is additionally a free country. Therefore she has a flag of her own. Her individuals feel happy with her flag as a result of it implies that Bangladesh could be a free and sovereign country. It reminds us of the brave struggle of our freedom fighters to line the country free. Its form is rectangular having a proportion of 10:6. it’s of various sizes in keeping with its use. The flag is heisted everyday on prime of our necessary government buildings and academic establishments. it’s heisted everyplace on the occasions of the Independence Day and also the day.

The national flag is unbroken 0.5 masts on the occasions of national mourning days. There square measure tow colures. They’re inexperienced and red the inexperienced is that the image of the youth and also the red is that the image of the sacrifices of the liberty fighters WHO arranged down their lives. We tend to salute the emblem and keep in mind the supreme sacrifice of our freedom fighters. I feel terribly happy with my emblem as a result of whenever and where I see national flag it jogs my memory that I’m a subject of a free country. I will uphold its hour by doing our national duties properly.


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