Prize Giving Ceremony of Your School Paragraph


Prize Giving Ceremony of Your School Paragraph

Prize giving ceremony of a school is a glad day. On this happy day prizes are given in a meeting. The students decorate the school building with leaves and flowers. They sing, dance and recite poems before the invited guests. Ceremony at school: This year the prize giving ceremony of our school came off on Sunday last.

The meeting was held at 4 p.m. The D.C. present over the function. This national flag was hoisted by the president. The students sang the national anthem The Headmaster read out the annual report. The students sang danced, recited poems and staged a one act drama.

Distribution of prize: All last the President gave away the prizes. Each prize consisted of some useful books. The books were beautifully bound. Some prizes were given extra academic activities. One of my friends got a prize for good conduct. President’s speech: At last the President stood up in a neatly word speech he congratulated the prize winners. He asked other students to work hard so that they might get prizes the next year.

He thanked the teachers for arranging such a meeting. Conclusion: At last a student of class VII sang the closing song. The Headmaster offered his heart-felt thank to the President and the guest. The ceremony ended at 5 p.m. Cricket

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