Rights of wife in islam | Guideline for Muslim wife

rights of wife in islam
Rights of wife in islam | Guideline for Muslim wife

In the current society, more talk is about the responsibility of the wife to her husband. It seems as if there is no value in the wife of her husband, her gift is due to her husband’s head in the house. When this thought is overwhelming in society, this happiness family, this love takes a very awkward shape to the domestic husband and wife. The only way of taking the path of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to liberate society from this disorder is the way.

Hadrat Ibn Umar (R) narrated: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘Ala kullukum rayen wa kalukum masulun ana raiyatihi, Fal Imamullaji alan nas rayen wa hua masulun ani raiyatihi, wahera rajula rayen ala ahli baitihi wa hua masulun un raiyatihi, Raiyatun Ala Ahli Baiyati Zhaozhiha waladihi wa hiya masulatun anhum.

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Keep in mind, you’re a shepherd or guardian. And everyone will be asked about his subordinates. Imam or leader who rules the general people will also be asked about his subordinates. A man is a shepherd or guardian in his house. He will be asked about his subordinates. The woman is a shepherd or guardian of her husband’s family and children. He will be asked about his subordinates. (Bukhari, Kitab al-Ahkam)

Hadith Abdullah bin Umar (R) took Islam with his father when he was eight years old. He became a partner in every war with the Khandak war. He was a devout follower of Sunnat Rasul. He had no attraction for worldly life. He had no greed for the position. The number of Hadith narrated by him is 1630. He also narrated the hadith from many companions. And from the dwellers of the Tabernacles, The son Salim (ra) and Ghulam Nafi (ra) have narrated more than him. He died in 73 AH at 85 years of age. After the death of Rasul karim (peace be upon him) he lived for sixty years. Rights of wife in islam.

It has been warned about the responsibilities of the responsible people of all walks of life. The responsibilities of women in family and society are clearly stated.
The women have created the nation to keep the flow of creation in motion and to rear children. The nature given to this view is that it will always try to accomplish this task perfectly. History testifies that the key to national development is dependent on primary education of each child. With the help of Mother Child Mother Career, the first person is blessed with the right mind and character. The mother’s influence on the child is more. The overall responsibility of the husband and his family is on the mother. He has to take responsibility for this. And the husband’s duty to help him in this regard is the responsibility of the husband.

It is not possible for men to take part in discharge of the responsibility of women nation. So there is no scope to look after women’s responsibility.

In the collective efforts of husband and wife, the world and society live beautifully. The Qur’an informs the world that human beings and women are always cooperating with each other in the face of all the activities and emergencies of life. Ubaye is carrying the tough burden of life and the development of civilization and Tamaddun are being developed in the united efforts of Uwaar. The declaration of Allah: And the believing men and believing women are friends of each other. They order good deeds. Do not forbid evil. (At-Tawba-71)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Women are half of men – (Abu Da’ud, Tirmidhi)
Men and women are equally dependent on each other. There is no question of humiliation and humiliation or dignity and glory. Allaah says: “Hannah lebasul lukum wa Antum lebusullahah – they are your clothes and you are their dress.” So the responsibility of protecting women’s vow is on the husband. Their weaknesses (if any) are not manifest in front of human beings. In the same way, look at how the wife of a good wife will increase her husband’s social status.

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The declaration of this verse in the Qur’an has become more evident in the declaration of the Prophet (peace be upon him). When the whole world saw the source of the crime and the reason for the sin and confusion, the whole holiest of the world of the universe declared change on the basis of sin and obscene thoughts, “I love women in the bottom of the world, and the fragrance and my eye cooling Is the prayer. (Nasai – Paragraph – Hubbun Nisa) Rights of wife in islam.

Duties of the male society, cooperating with women to perform the duties given to Allah. By the mother’s self-sacrifice, the nation gets honest and healthy. Thus, neglecting mothers, neglecting the responsibilities of their husbands, shows that breakdown in family society has come down. It is not possible to establish the rights of women by neglecting the rights that Islam has given to women.

rights of wife in islam
Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam

In order to establish women rights in Beijing on September 4, 1995, there are 185 countries in the world, with 10 thousand government representatives and about 30 thousand non-private participants. There are discussions about women’s rights. Efforts are on to establish women’s rights since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945. In 1946, the United Nations formed the Commission on the Status of Women, in 1952, the Charter of Women’s Political Rights. In spite of doing so many initiatives of women freedom movement failed to give women rights. (Islamic Foundation Magazine, 80th year 3rd edition.)
Before discussing the social rights of women, let us see what God has given the wives what rights to husbands.

1) The rights of women are to receive moral and Islamic education from their husbands.

The Qur’an says: Yea Aylahzina amanu ku aungfusakum wa ahli kumar nara – O people of the people, save yourself and your family from the fire of hell. (At-Tahreem-6) To teach the family members the way of life in the fire of hell, and to make them accustomed to worshiping Allah accordingly. There is a lot of hadith in teaching about the teachings of Imam al-Din in the wife.
Malik ibn Huayyyir said: We waited twenty days for the Prophet (peace be upon him) to gain knowledge about some young people. At the time when he realized that we were restless for returning home, he said: Go back to your wife’s son and stay there. Teach them about religion and ask them to follow it. “(Bukhari, Kitab al Azan)

2. The wife has her own economic rights.

In the first stage of economic rights, the right to gain mohar has the right to gain The husband’s first duty is to give the husband a certain amount of money as per his ability, keeping his wife’s status in line with his dignity. Allah’s command about this – Wah Atun Naseyah Chadukatihina Nehla – Give your wives their money with the satisfaction of their hearts. (Surah al-Nisa 4)

Arrangement for the maintenance of wife and other members in the family is the responsibility of the husband. In this connection, the Qur’an has said, “And give them (wives) food; the well-arranged person, according to his capacity and the needy, arranges for some kind of expenses according to his means, that is the responsibility of the Mohasen. (Surah Al-Baqarah-236)

Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: “You have the right of women to make garments and clothing for them. (Tirmidhi 1101)

But not only in the current society, but also many poor husbands and the parents of their families earn dowry before and after the marriage of their parents. They forget that the wife has a dignity. She did not become a slave in the world. As long as there is money, there is a price. This is because of anti-Sharia anti-incumbency in the country.

3) The right to women’s right to love their husbands.

Marriage is not only the provision of the Shariah system and the law. The love of love above the law creates a relationship between husband and wife. This love has been given by Allah in the hearts of human beings. Allah’s declaration: And among His signs He has created your wives so that you may live in peace with them and have created love and kindness among you. (Surah Rum: 21)

The wife leaves the house, her parents, the brother and sister of affection in the husband’s house, growing up to the touch of adolescence and youth. One has to manage itself in a new environment. At this time, most of the time the husband’s love is needed. Therefore, husbands should have a husband’s special affection and attraction. Every wife wants her husband to have all the body of her life arranged on her young life and must rely solely on her. This wish should show respect for the husband.
Husband has to be a liberal mind. Husband should not hurt his wife by scolding her weaknesses. If she was embarrassed with any doubts about the wife’s move, she would love each other forever. Rights of wife in islam.

As a result, the family became poisonous. So husband should be in love with his wife. External people can not face the stubbornness of their wives, they should not be able to listen to their husbands. Husband must understand the wife, she will live well with her heart. This is the wife’s important rights to her husband.

4) The right to get good use from the husband.

rights of wife in islam
Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam

Samurata Banjud Dube (R) narrates that “The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: The women have been created from the bones of the side. If you want to make it completely straight, then break it, so use it softly, then you can live a happy and comfortable life. (Targib and Taraib) In the family system, the husband and the husband have authority and leadership, if a husband is inclined towards his wife’s feelings and feelings Without being frustrated, only to persuade himself to speak, but pubic life will be deprived of true happiness and joy. So Hudur (S) advised men to be kind and loving with wives.

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A good example of how to deal with wives is in the life of Hadrat Omar (R). Khalifa Omar’s caliphate One man’s wife was quite face-to-face and quarrelsome. She always used to tease her husband. In order to complain about her husband’s poor wife’s misbehavior, she appeared in the court of Hazrat Umar (R). He stood in the door of Umar’s house and waited for the Khalifah to come out. At this time, he heard that his Bibi was rubbing the caliph in rude language. But Umar (R) is not giving a reply, but he is silently listening to all. The man was ready to leave for a while. He thought to himself that when such a powerful caliph was such a thing, then I was no more ash.
At that time the Khalifa came out of the house and found that the man was leaving. He stopped the man and asked: “What is it, O Bapu, why are you coming, and why are you leaving?” ”
The man replied, “Teacher, my wife misbehaves with me and quarrels over words. I came to your court to complain against him. But I see that your hand is not better than me. So nothing is going to happen. ”
Hadrat Umar said: “Listen, my Bibi is very close to me, I have tolerated this rubbish. See, he cooks my food, cooks bread, washing clothes, giving milk to kids. Although these tasks are not mandatory for them, they do it voluntarily. By doing all this, he kept me from making illegal income. Now say I can not tolerate him? ”
The man said: “Amirul muminin, my bibio is also like that. ” Rights of wife in islam.
Hadrat Omar (R) said, “Then bear with him, brother. The life of this world is just passing away. ”
This speech from Khalifatul Muslimin requires the use of husbands good to wives by using them. Because the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: ‘The greatest among you is the person who best deals with his wives.’
In addition, husbands have more rights on husbands, which are easy to earn if they earn four of these rights.
It seems that all the kulkars still living deep in the house from the house in the world, this little prayer is used to awaken them in this little talk.

Rights of wife in islam part 2

Rights of wife in islam part

Rights of wife in islam
Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam

Marriage is not only the provision of the Shariah system and the law. The Love of above the law creates a relationship between husband and wife.

Creatively, Allah created one of the great ones as the other and helpful. This Adam never got complete fulfillment by Adam. A man came to the wind, so Allah is great. The wife has some rights or rights as to the husband’s duty, and the wife has some right or right in the same way as the husband. In verse Surah Nisaa, which is recited in the Sermon of the Wife of the wife, Allah said in verse: Look! There is no difference between birth and birth between you and your wife.

Allahu ta’ala has created the Alaihas Salam from Adam (peace be upon him). So part of the female male. If you feel hurt at any place in your body. Do not hurt, make arrangements. That’s why he will also look at your wife, she is a part of your body. He came to you through acceptance of Yazab, as you use with your body, use it as well as your wife. If you hope for a loving and mild-tempered woman from your wife, tell her also that your love and love will be overwhelmed.

In another verse Allah says that every commandment of Islam will be followed by both husband and wife. Love can not be locked due to love and love, and because of hate, you can not limit the limit. In general the husband and wife are the organs of each other. So, take a look at each other’s rights, that will lead to happy life. Men have to earn the rights of women. The woman is not just a wife. Rights of wife in islam.

The wife has the right, the rights of her husband, the wife has more rights than the wife on the husband’s wife. The husband will earn his wife’s rights, then the wife will give her husband’s right. Experience shows that if the husband is the wife’s right, then the wife gives her husband’s right. Likewise, there is a right to women for parents. But parents do not earn it properly. Especially in the case of myrasses, the limit is limited. At the time of death, all the houses of wealth are written to boys; Do not give girls anything. This is the worst offense. God will not forgive it.

One day a Muslim accompanied his son to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and said, “Teacher! I married two, this is my second wife’s child. I am old and now I do not know the call of Allah. So I want to give some extra resources to this boy. But my wife says, to make you a witness about this. Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) asked, “Do you have more children?” The Prophet said, Yes, yes. Now he said: did you give them too? The Prophet replied, not the ji. The Prophet (peace be upon him) turned his face red in anger. Then he said to the disciple, ‘You are a wrongdoer. I can not be a witness for the wrongdoing. And now the girls are completely deprived. Often, a resource of their resources is taken by threatening the girl or sister or by using a small amount of money. Likewise, it is seen that the father has given her marriage to Athalv to save her own interest. But the father had the responsibility to give money to his son, regardless of the money.

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Husband’s wife’s duty is to provide a happy married life, orderly family, self-esteem, and to keep the bonds of rich husbands and wives strong. Some of the important ones are given here.

1. Husband’s obedience:

Husband’s duty of obedience to her husband But there is no loyalty, but in the cases where the following three conditions of loyalty are present. (A) Obedience to the husband, in matters of good and honest acts, and not contrary to the injunction of Allah. Loyalty to a Creator is not valid in the rebellion of God. (B) Obedience to the husband for the ability and ability of his wife. Because Allah does not charge people beyond their ability. (C) Loyalty to the husband in relation to any direction or order which is not likely to meet the needs. Loyalty must be required in the Holy Quran Allah says: ‘Men are superior to women and they possess authority’ [Baqarah: 227] Allah Ta’ala also says: ‘Men dominate the women, Because Allah has made the difference between them and the superiority of them. Second, men take charge of their expenses. ‘[Nisa: 34] Moreover, by this loyalty marital life gets stability, the family is on the right track. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

rights of wife in islam
Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam

acknowledged the allegiance of the husband and said, “A woman who fastifies Ramadan and takes care of her private place and obeys her husband, she will enter inside any door of Paradise according to her wish.” [Ahmad: 1573] The duty of the husband, following the laws of Allah in relation to all these rights. Providing good advice on good manners and likes and dislikes, and forbidding consideration of good character. Identifying good standards and better sentimentality in giving and receiving the word. In this, you will be able to enjoy the happiness of the wife and happiness.

2. Position in the husband-hall:

Nayyayet, without the need and without permission, is out of the house of the husband. Mahan Allah has ordered the world’s highest women to stay in the house. He addressed the wives of his Prophet (peace be upon him) and said, “All women are included in this.” You stay in your own house and do not show yourself as the beauty of the ancient era. ‘[Ahajab: 33] The benefit of her husband is in no way harmful, and there is no harm in her husband. Avoid showing the screen, such as perfume and beauty, and do not want to go anywhere. Ibn Umar ra Explains that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Do not prevent the servants of Allah from going to the House of Allah. [Bukhari: 849] Abdullah ibn Mas’ood: His wife, Zainab Sackafi, The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to us: If any of you wish to go to the mosque, you will not use the perfume. [Muslim: 674]

3. Protecting your husband’s property with his or her home and children.

Do not submit any objection or need of the husband’s past. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the wife is the custodian of her husband’s house. He will be faced with accountability in this regard. ‘[Bukhari: 2546]

4. Protecting Your Chastity and Respect

Protecting Your Chastity and Respect In one of the earlier discussions, we have mentioned in a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that in spite of not facing temptation or harassment.

5. Do not allow anyone

Do not allow anyone who dislikes her husband to enter his house, close relatives or Aponjon. Such as brother-sister The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: It is the duty of wives not to give place to anyone who is disliked to you in bed. [Muslim: 2137] In the presence of the husband, Because, fasting is obligatory – obedience is obligatory. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: It is not permissible for women to fast without permission in the presence of their husbands. It is also not permissible to allow someone to enter his house without permission. [Bukhari: 4769] In order to maintain the bond of husband’s wife on the husband’s right, the husband’s duty towards the wife, the happy married life, the orderly family, and the rich husband and wife of the rich, Islam has imposed some rights on the life partner. Some of the important ones are given here.

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1. Dahan Mohar:

It is obligatory for women to repay their dues. This haq is not his own, his parents or anyone else. Allaah says, ‘Give you wives for the life of a cheerful heart’. [Nisa: 4] 2. Fulfillment: The duty of the husband to raise the wife according to the capacity and the traditional custom. This can be more and more depending on the fate of the husband and his wife. Such differences may vary between times and places. Allaah said, “The rich will spend their lives according to their wealth.” And the person who owns limited resources will spend it from the limited resources given by Allah. [Excerpt: 7] 3. To be kind and compassionate to the wife: Do not be harsh on the wife. Patience of his tolerant mistakes. As husband, everyone should know that although women are in all possible seats of dignity, it can not be amended in full. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “You are kindly interested in women. Because, they are caused by rib bones. The upper bone of the ribs is the most curved bone. (The bones that have been created by women) If you want to make it straight, break it. If you put it again, then it will remain burke. So, please be kind to them, and take good advice about them. “[Bukhari] Rights of wife in islam.

rights of wife in islam
Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam, Rights of wife in islam

4. To be self-respecting in the wife:

Hold hands and guide them in the custody. Because they are creatively weak, they will be damaged in any indifference to their husbands, they will harm others. That is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) has warned so much from the woman’s welfare. He said: ‘I did not leave women cheer for men in my absence.’ [Bukhari: 4706] On the insight of women, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “You are amazed at seeing the emotions and self-esteem of Sa’ad. I feel more self-respect, and Allah is ‘more arrogant than me’. [Muslim: 275] Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyya. He said, in which there is no self esteem, he is a liar (husband of an uncharted woman who tolerates the abuse of his wife). Hadith comes: ‘Doi will not enter Paradise.’ [Darami: 3397] The highest respect for man is his family. Preferred wife in this area.

Then other relatives and subordinates In the end, the reality is to acknowledge the reality that no family is problemless or disagreeable. This is the nature and inherent nature of man. On the contrary, if someone thinks that his family is worthless or disturbed or frustrated, he will make a mistake. Because, the best example of this family or the happy family is the family and family of our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Where do we see human error and error, where is the sanctity of another family? Thinking about the nature of the wise, avoiding hasty tendencies, avoiding tendency to anger and selfishness, because they know that at any moment the wrath of the devil and the invention of Satan can be a grave and sinful crime in perpetuating self-respect. What are the consequences of this? Again, it is not that Allah has encompassed all good and good man. However, he must apply talent, technique and intelligence. The rights or rights of a husband on a husband Do not neglect any kind of affordability and expenses. Rights of wife in islam.

1. Wife was given the education of the month of Islam-Masayil.

2. Reproduction of good deeds.

3. Give people the opportunity to meet with those who have permission to appear with them.

4. To maintain the reliability of ethnicity.

5. Be patient with any kind of mistake or inattention.

6. Maintain balance in governance and amendment.

7. Earning money

8. Conquer wife’s mind in the range of Islamic Sharia.

9. If there is more than one wife, keep the balance between them.

10. Do not torture. Those who are superior to their wives …

Nabiji [Sa] said, those among you are the best, who are better than their wives and who are snoring with their families. [Tirmizi Sharif] In another Hadith, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the person who will be patient with his wife’s harsh conduct, Allah Almighty will give him the equal reward of Hazrat Ayub (as). Narrated by Abu Hurayrah [ra], the Messenger said: O people! Obey my command to treat women well. They were created from the pig’s bones; they were naturally curved. If you go straight to the bone bone, then it will be broken. Leave him normal, always bend. For this, accept my last directive, and treat your wife well. [Bukhari and Muslim] They have to take their wives with beautiful and good use.

When a wife gets her love from her husband, she will cast her for her husband. Rasool [Sa] said, ‘When both husband and wife look at the love of each other, Allah will look at the mercy of them.’

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