Rivers of Bangladesh Composition for JSC/SSC

rivers of banladesh


Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. There are many big and small rivers. The padma, the Meghna, the Janmna are the big and wide rives The Buriganga, The Sitalakhya, The Dhaleswari, The Teesta, The Madhumati, The Gumati And the Karnafuli ae small rivers. Most of the rivers of our county rise from the Himalayas and fall into the Bay of Bengal.

The rivers are the source of our wealth. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. The prosperity of agriculture depends on the rives. These rivers have made the soil fertile. So rice, jute tea and other crops grow in plenty here.

Our rivers abound with fish. Fish is an important wealth. Our fishermen catch a buge quantity of fish. They earn a lot of foreign exchange by exporting fish. Fish is our main item of food.

The rivers of our country are the main ways of communication. Boats, launches and steamers move on these rivers in all seasons. Men and goods are carried from one town to another from one port to another.

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Most of the cities, towns, industries, hate, bazaars, trade centre are on the bank of rivers. The products of mills, factories and industries are easily carried to different places through rivers. Raw materials from far and near can be carried easily to our industries. Thus our rivers help in commerce, trade and industry.