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Sherpur Govt College

Sherpur Govt College Details and helful information.

History of Sherpur Government College

During the reign of the famous Mughal Emperor Akbar, the name of a pargana in the well-expanded region was from the north-east bank of the river Brahmaputra to the foot of the Garo Hills. Subsequently, the name of Sherpur named after the name of Sherpur named Sher Ali Ghazi of Jagirdar Sher Ali Ghazi of the northern male and Pargana decade of Bengal’s famous Gazi dynasty.

The large population of neglected and exploited by the zamindars of the British period is considered as backward community due to its relative importance. In addition to educating those backward people, there was a long dream of establishing a college for higher education. But no dream can be implemented without pursuit.

Therefore, as a result of the enthusiasm, labor and intense efforts of the people of Sherpur and its leaders, Sherpur College was born in Pilot High School gymnast in 1964. Walking on the walk, all the activities of the college continued for about 16 months at the birthplace. After the completion of the construction work of the existing college tinced house in November of 1965, the current college classes were started as usual. Since then, many improvements have been made in college. On March 1, 1980, the college emerged as a government college after many grazing land. The college has co-education from its birthplace.

Sherpur Govt College Details and Phone no

College name
Sherpur Government College
Address Mahalla: Rajbari, Mouza: Sherpur, Ward no. 6, Sherpur Sadar, Sherpur
The date of the government formation of the college
01/03/1980 AD.
Date of establishment of College (Private)
01/07/1964 AD
Phone no
Eiin Number
Level Masters Level

Sherpur Govt College Course and Subject Info

Sherpur Govt College

Sherpur Govt College

Sherpur Govt College Achievements

Our significant achievements in the past years

1. For Elementary and Twelfth Class based class-based lesson plans have been formulated for classifying and distributed among students in book form.

2. Broadband internet connection has been provided in all departments of the college.

3. Wi-Fi network has been set up in all the college campuses.

4. Arrangements have been made to provide services to students through Sure Cash Mobile Banking.

5. Multimedia projectors have been installed in each section

6. According to its own training manual, all teachers have been provided in-house training on creating ICT and multimedia content.

7. The work of making multimedia content for every 11th and 12th class is going on

8. A complete dynamic website has been created by the college’s own teacher. Website Address (

9. The results of the internal examination of the college are published on the website of the college on the basis of the results published by the Education Board.

10. Eleventh class admission work has been completed through the website of the college.

11. Arrangements have been made to publish all the official information on the website of the college

12. The necessary documents are easily linked to the website of the college for downloading.

13. A college blog has been created to share ideas for education and coaching education for teachers and students. BlogSite Address:

Sherpur Govt College future plans

1. According to the Annual Lesson Plan, ensure the transmission of all classes through multimedia content.

2. In time, taking the internal examination of the college and giving results through ResultCard.

3. Arrangement of guardian assembly.

4. Organize and organize anti-militant gatherings and discussions.

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