SSC English 2nd paper Question

SSC English 2nd paper Question

ssc English 2nd paper is hardest exam for all of students. Many of them think SSC English 2nd paper is his/her most dangerous subject than all others subjects. so we hope if you read full the question and try to solution the right answer then it will help you the SSC exam to get a better result. and you shouldn’t think that SSC English 2nd paper is so easy.

SSC English 2nd paper Question


[Answer all the questions. Figures in the margin indicate full marks]

Part-A : Grammar

1.Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more that once. [0.5×10 = 5]

without to necessary nature out
by heavy the untold up

Natural calamity means (a)________ disaster which is caused (b)__________ nature. Every year Bangladesh falls victim  (c)_________  various nature calamities. They are flood, earthquakes and many other natural clamities. The effects of (d)_________ natural calamities beggar description. The affected people and animals suffer  (e)__________ suffering. They cause (f)________ damage to our life and properties. Thousands of people and other animals remain (g)________  food for many daus. The after effect of some natural calamities are more serious. Famine brakes   (h)________ many people and animals die for want of food. The prices of all (i)_________ things go (j)__________ .

2.Fill in the blanks with suitable words. [0.5×10 = 5]

My mother is (a) ________  ideal housewife of fifty. She is ver polite, (b)________  and intelligent.  She manages the family very nicely. She takes great care (c)_________  all of us. She loves me very (d)________ . She hoples to see me happy even (e)_________  the cost of her own life. Her anxiety knows no bounds if I fall ill. She does not enjoy a wink (f)__________ sleep. But her face beams  (g)________  joy when I come round. My mother is very religious. She says her (h)________ five times a day. She is also very kind to the poor. She tries to help the poor as far as (i)_________ . My mother possesses a good sense of(j)_________ .

3.Make five sentences using parts of sentences form each column of the table below. [1×5 = 5]

Robinsong Crusoe arose in one of the voyages.
He ran away the ship on to a sand bank.
Once a storm became ia clever sailor in a few years.
It drove a cabin boy on a sailing ship.
from home one day.


4.Complete the following text with riht froms of the verbs gieen in the box. [0.5×10 = 5]

be come enter wait sit
go suffer feel lie make

I (a) ________ from acute headache for quite a long time. So one day my father (b) _________  an appointment with Dr. Islam over phone. His chamber si at Dhanmondi. I (c) ________  To Dr. Islam’s chamber with my father. The chamber (d) _______ well decorated. We (e)______ in the waiting room and (f)______  for my turn. Some other patients were also found waiting. In the waiting room there were a television set, some dailies and magazines for the recreation of the patients. When my turn  (g)_________ , I (h) _______  into the doctor’s cjhamber. The doctor motioned me to the bed beside the window. I went and (i)________  down. The doctor  (j)_______  my pulse and took my temperature.

5.Change the narrative style of the following text. [5]

Shafat said to Lucky, “do you like democracy or socialism?” “I like both democracy and sociolism”, answered Lucy. “How is it that you like both the concepts? peple usually advocate either of the tow, ” he said.

“When I speak well of both, I count their good points which are in my opinion, necessary to the growth of mixed economy in a country,” she argued.

6.Change the sentences according to directions. [1×10 = 10]

(a) Water is more useful thatn any other element on nature. (positive)

(b) It is and important assets. (Exclamatory)

(c) We cannot go a single day without water. (Interrogative)

(d) Its main source is the rain that builds strams, lakes and rivers. (Compound)

(e) We have rain during the monsoon. (Complex)

(f) Heavy rainfall often cdauses floods. (Passive)

(g) Crops are damaged by floods. (active)

(h) Our winter si dry. (Negative)

(i) Doesn’t Rainless winter bring good harvest. (Assertive)

(j) We can grow more crop if we can make the best use of rain. (Simple)

7.complete the sentences. [1×5 = 5]

(a) Once there was a cobbler who ________ .

(b) But he had a nighbour who _______.

(c) One day the neighbur came to the cobbler and_________.

(d) The cobbler told him that  __________.

(e) The cobbler also said that __________.

8.Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis. [0.5×10 = 5]

Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) is the last Prophet of Allah and the  (a) lead of all prophets. He is the greatest of men and (b) teach ever born on earth. There is none like him. Before this birth Arabia was steeped in (c) dark , ignoreance and superstition. The Arabs were ignorant and wicket and they led  (d)beast live. The were   (e) worship of many gods and goddesses and were given to all kinds of vices. He got no opportunity for larning. But he was taught mch higher things that book-knowledge by nature and the (f) seen hand of Allah. From his  (g) Boy he was  (h) thought, honest and  (i) truth. He was called Al – Amin or the  (j) Trust one.

9.Make tag questions of these statements. [1×5 = 5]

: You want to visit the Zoo with me, ___________?

: Yes. You told me that after the exam you would take me to the Zoo, __________?

: My examination ended yesterday.

: Ok I will take you to the zoo now, __________?

:  Get ready soon,_________?

: Thanks a lot. I wold request you to rid eon a horse,________ ?

10.Complete the passage using suitable connectors. [1×5 = 5]

Almost all countires of the world sufffer from the curse of unemployment problem (a)______ nowhere in the world this problem is so accute as in our country. There are many reasons behid it. (b)_______ our country is industrially backward. (c)_______our system of education fails to give a  student as independent start of life. It has liittle provision for vocational training. (d)____ our students and youth have a false sense of dighity (e)_________ they run after jobs only.

11.Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text. [5]

alexander the great was the ing of macedonia he was the son of philip a mighty king of sparta he invaded india about 327 years before the birth of christ on the way he defeated porus and marched toward the punjab

Part-B : Composition

12.You want to appy for a job of a job in a bank.. Now make a CV with a cover letter for the post. Your CV should not exceed one page. [8]

13.Suppose there is no comomn room/ reading room in your school. For want commn room/ reading room the students waste their leisure hours aimlessly. You are in need of a common room/ reading room in your school.

Now write an application to your Headmaster for opening a common room/ reading room. [10]

14.Suppose, there is a big library in your school. Write a paragraph in 250 words on “Your School Library”. [10]

15.Write a composition about “A Journey by Bus You Have Made”. [12]



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