SSC English 2nd paper Suggestion 2019

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ssc English 2nd paper is hardest exam for all of students. Many of them think SSC English 2nd paper is his/her most dangerous subject than all others subjects. so we hope if you read full the question and try to solution the right answer then it will help you the SSC exam to get a better result. and you shouldn’t think that SSC English 2nd paper is so easy.

SSC English 2nd paper Suggestion 2019


[Answer all the questions. Figures in the margin indicate full marks]

Part-A : Grammar

1.Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more that once. [0.5×10 = 5]

 appeal  on  society  behave  an
 education  of  with  tradition

Every nation has a culture (a)________  its own. Similarly we have (b)__________ age old and  (c)_________  culture of our own. We have our own language, dress, food habit, manner of eating, manner of speaking, mode of (d)_________  , games and sport, social values and customes , religion, profession, music, at, literature etc which are part and parcel of our culture. Though we have a rich culture of our own, we are going to lose some of our cuture. Today we don’t like folk songs, zari, sari, bhatiali etc. These songs are going to lose their  (e)__________  . Today we ae fond  (f)________  band music, Hindi and English song and music. Western culture has both good and bad effect (g)________  our (h)________ . Western culture has introduced us  (i)_________  the people, society,  (j)__________ . history and culture of the western world.

2.Fill in the blanks with suitable words. [0.5×10 = 5]

(a) ________  export fair is a fair for the display of idustrial goods to the foreign buyers to make theme acquainted (b)________ . the export of a countyr. An export fair is (c)_________  held oncee a year at a large open site in (d)________  capital of a country. The government makes all necessary  (e)_________ to hold the fair. A high powered committee is formed  (f)__________ the purpose. Wide circulation is made  (g)________ advertisement in the national and international dailies to draw the  (h)________ of the industrialists and projucers of home and (i)_________ . Friendly countries are formally invited to instal stalls for the exhibition of teir exportable items of goods. Accordingy the stalls are arraged. The people fo the host country get (j)_________  opportunity to know abut their culture, manner and custom.

3.Make five sentences using parts of sentences form each column of the table below. [1×5 = 5]

 Mina’s mother did not want that he should go to sea.
His father was born the idea.
He wanted in England.
His father did not like him to study law.
to be a sailor from his boyhood.


4.Complete the following text with riht froms of the verbs gieen in the box. [0.5×10 = 5]

snatch run try go loss
hold find push get be

With two of my friends I (a) ________ to Baishakhi Mela (b) _________ in the play ground of Dhanmondi Club. We went there in the evening. I (c) ________ the mela bustling with life. There (d) _______ various kinds of shops and stalls. They were full of different kinds of things such a s toys, handicrafts, potteries, sweets and many handmade things. While I was busy in buying handcrafts, I (e)______. My purse (f)______ by a young man who (g)_________ off quickly. In the bag there was about three thousand taka. There were also some other important thins. I (h) _______ completely upset. we (i)________ to find out the snatcher but in vain. He (j)_______ in the crowd. Then we went to the information centre of the mela to inform the matter.

5.Change the narrative style of the following text. [5]

Zaman said to me. “Have you finished reading the book I gave you yesterday?” “Yes, I have finished reading the book,”. I replied. “What and interesting book it is! I wish I would borrow the book earlier!” I said, “Will you return the book to me today?” he asked.

6.Change the sentences according to directions. [1×10 = 10]

(a) Trees are our best friends. (Negative)

(b) They do not play an unimportant role in our life and economy. (Affirmative)

(c) Very few things are as useful as trees. (Comparative)

(d) They are a great source of food and vitamins. (Interrogative)

(e) Various kinds of fruits are given by them. (Active)

(f) We use them for various purposes. (Passive)

(g) Trees bear a grate impact on the climate. (Exclamatory)

(h) In the villages there are many proper places which can be used for tree plantation. (Simple)

(i) We should plant trees more in order to have a happy and healthy life. (Complex)

(j) Keeping the soil strong, trees save us form many natural calamities. (Compound)

7.complete the sentences. [1×5 = 5]

(a) In Dhaka city the number of rickshaw in increasing day by day and ________ .

(b) Since the rickshaw pullers are quite illiterate, _______.

(c) Since they do not follow traffic rules, _________.

(d) We can get rid of this problem if __________.

(e) So they should be made educated so that __________.

8.Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis. [0.5×10 = 5]

Traveling has been popular with man from time (a) memorial. It is the romance of seeing the (b) seen, knowing the (c) known and (d) veiling the shrouds of mystery. A man never knows his own native land (e) complete. Till he has gone out of it to some other country. Only a rational comparison with other countries can specify (f) vivid the true character, the merits and (g) merits of our own motherland. An (h) aware of our defects inspires us to work hard and improve the (i) happy condition of our country. We, the people of the East, have learnt form traveling in the Western counties how the enjoy their liberties and (j) charge their responsibilities.

9.Make tag questions of these statements. [1×5 = 5]

: would you tell me a story, grandma?

: You would like to listen to any type of story, __________?

: No, I am interested in ghost story, ___________?

: You are not afraid of ghosts, __________?

: Yes. I fear ghosts. But the ghost stories are very thrilling, _________?

: OK. I will now tell you a story. Listen to it, ________ ?

10.Complete the passage using suitable connectors. [1×5 = 5]

Money is a must for our life. But it is not the thing that necessarily brings our happiness. (a) _______ money has got something to do with happiness, but it cannot give us happiness. (b) _________ we see that te richest men of our society are not the happiest men. (c) _________ there is a large number of poor men who are happy and enjoy a sound sleep. The man who is honest and virtuous, (d)_________ not rich, does not suffer from the anguish of the soul. (e) ________, money cannot ensure happiness. It is only oral and spiritual development that gives us happiness.

11.Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text. [5]

the dog has been mans best friend for thousands of ears dogs are friendly obedient and faithful animals king edward had a pet dog named Caesar when the king died in 1910 Caesar led the funeral procession walking before the kings and prices

Part-B : Composition

12.You want to appy for a job of a teacher in a school. Now make a CV with a cover letter for the post. Your CV should not exceed one page. [8]

13.suppose you are a student of class IX in Sonapur High School. Recently you father has been transferred to Nurpur in Chittagong. But you want to continue your study up to your annul examination in Sonapur High School.

Now, write an application to your headmaster / headmistress for a seat in your school hostel. [10]

14.Suppose, you live in Dhaka. Everyday you face traffic jam. Now, write a paragraph in 250 words on “Traffic Jam”. [10]

15.Write a composition about “Your Hobby”. [12]



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