The Cow Composition / Eassy on The Cow / Domestic Animals

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The Cow Composition / Eassy on The Cow / Domestic Animals

There are many kinds of domestic animals in the world.
But the cow is the most useful to us.

It is a gentle domestic animal.

The cow has a long hoof. These are cloven. It has a long tail. There is a tuft of hair at its end. It can drive away flies easily with her tail. She has no teeth in her upper jaw. Tribes: Various tribes of cows are found in the world. Short horn, Frisiana and Horiana are famous. The Lall an Frisiana are famous for milk.

The short horn is famous for its tasteful flesh. Where found: The cow is found all over the world. Wild cows are also found in the African forest. Colours: Cows are of many colours. Some are white, some are black, some are red and some are of mixed colours. Food: The cow eats of many grass, straw, bran and leaves of trees.

It also eats oil cake and vegetables. Nature: The cow is gentle by nature. It bears one calf at a time. It loves its calf very much. She does not eat at a time. She chews cut when it takes rest. Usefulness: The cow gives us nourishing milk and beef. We also get many. Sweet from milk, cow dung is good manure.

Many necessary things are made of its skin, bone and horns. The cow dung is used as fuel. Shoes bags and suitcases are made if her hide. Combs and buttons are made of her horns and bones. Conclusion: the cow is very useful animal. It is the main assets of our farmers. So, we should take care or her and treat her gently.

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