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Write regularly, at least 300 words per day
Many people are afraid to write English because they are not written in English regularly. The first and most effective way to spend these weaknesses is to write daily. Regularly write something at least 300 words per day. Write about anything in the morning or before going to sleep at night. At the beginning of writing at first, there may be some difficulty. Write down 10 days, and see that this impediment has gradually been cut.

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Pay attention to grammar
Focus on grammar in the beginning of writing in English. Vulnerable grammar – Knowledge makes many flawless insights. Try to make two or three rules of English grammar every day. Read grammar with examples, do not memorize You can apply a good English grammar book as ‘Reference’.

Read regular English magazines

Practice reading English daily without subject-related study. Practicing magazines like reading magazines will enhance your intellectual skills, and you will find many new topics for writing. At first, there may not be many words meaning, it will take time to understand. Read the last two weeks, see if it will come to a conclusion. Even if you do not know the meaning of each word, you can catch the meaning of the sentence. Regular lessons will have a gradual effect on your writing.

Read subject-related journal-articles

Practice reading your favorite articles in time-honored English magazines or journals including Time Magazine, Reader’s Digest, The Economist. Apply the text that is written in the magazines, in your own writing. If you practice such a stretch for four weeks, you will find yourself changing what is going on in your writing.

Not just writing for writing

Dastavara wrote on paper, and did not try to find out what was wrong, it would not be. The mistakes will be there. In this case every day what you write, you can ask for someone who knows well-understand, read someone. Please correct what is the weakness and wrongness of opinion from him. If you do not get anyone, you can request a teacher at the university or college. Keep an eye on what’s wrong, try to correct the mistakes. You can try to know about writing and writing about open writing from writeandimprove.com website.

Expand vocabulary

We use the most common words in writing. Attention to the use of multi-dimensional words for fluent writing in English. Using the diversity of the words in the same sentence or the same form without having to repeat it, it is also very easy to make short and short text. Try every day to deceive new five to eight words. Find the effective words from the Internet to learn the Grey-Gymat Vocabulary vocabulary at the beginning. Give the time to enrich the vocabulary for two consecutive months. Remember the words that you learn, in the morning, remember it all day. It will be easy to remember if you write those words several times.

Learn to write beautiful sentences, create variations

Practice good writing for applying for higher education, writing different thesis papers and assignments including Statement of Purpose. You can learn syntax by seeing some examples of templates in Internet. Practice writing the same sentence in many ways. In this way, practice six weeks, see changes in writing. You can get ideas about various syntax from owl.english.purdue.edu website.

Follow, find out

If you like the writers’ writings, follow them and write them. Try to understand the author’s thoughts. As long as your writing is not good enough, continue to practice. Make a map of what you want to write before writing something. In the same way, share the time of sharing writing practice.

Do it every day, practice it every day

Teach what every day, practice it every day. Try to apply what you are learning from writing on Facebook to e-mails. While writing or writing a short message on Facebook, it is better not to practice writing ‘shortcut’. Take the help of Gramerlie, Genezer Software, with the help of a variety of apps-software-websites for writing online.

Send texts to magazines

You can learn writing from the free courses of writing in English (www.coursera.org) like YouTube and Courses. Do not mind writing English from Bengali in the mind while writing. Emphasize the use of ‘linking wards’ and ‘phrase’ to create fluency in writing. Start sending texts on the comments of good quality domestic and foreign magazines for diverse writing. Maybe it will not be printed at the beginning, but continue to try. Notice how parts were edited by the editor when printed. Feel free to consult with friends or colleagues who write well in English.

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