Whether pharmacy business is halal?

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Whether pharmacy business is halal?


I heard that a file of 70 rupees was sold at 350 rupees in case it is not unjustified ????

If this is the case, will this business be lawful ???

Answer 1

If the market is such, then it can not be called injustice. And business is not lawful and false if it is not taken.

Answer 2

If you were given high-end 70 rupees for selling the files, and you sold more for the price and put the extra money in your hands, then it is wrong. And if so, then it is corruption which nobody can do or can not.

Answer 3

However, it will mostly depend on the current market. However, if a pharmaceutical company sells a medicine of 70 rupees to 350 taka in pharmacy, then the company will not be lawful. And if a pharmacy sells a mediconductor at Tk 70 and sells at Tk 350, then the pharmacy will not be lawful .

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