Write an application for remission of delay fine.

Write an application for remission of delay fine.

Suppose, you name is X. You are a student of class X. You could not pay your tuition fees for three months on account of your father’s absence from home. your name has been struck off the rolls. 

Now, Write an application to the Headmaster of your school for remission of delay fine.


20 January 2019

The Headmaster

Graduates High School, Koyra

Subject: Prayer for remission of delay fine.


With due respect I be to inform you that my father is c clerk in a private company. It is very difficult for him to maintain our family with his small income. So, I could not pay my tuition fees for the month of April in time. It may also be mentioned that I have been doing well in all the examinations and my teachers have always been satisfied with my progress in my studies.

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would kindly remit the delay fines and receive the usual fees only.


I remain


Your most obedient pupil

Md Rakib Rana

Class IX, Roll no – 1




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