Xiaomi Mobile Brand Recorded in Diwali


Mumbai: We are increasingly becoming the Xiaomi subscriber in India. The evidence is mixed. The Chinese Association (XIAOMI) recorded the record for the Diwali season.



Recently, the number of devices sold by the company in Diwali came in front of the company.

And, in that number, the eyeballs of the competing organizations Mi Director Manu Kumar Jain reports that in June, Mi had a market share of 29.7 percent in June, Like the samsung of Namdami Brand

At the same time, the market share of samsung was 23.9 percent. The market share of vivo and oppo was 12.6 and 7.6 percent respectively.

There were a Mi device in every three smartphones sold in India. However, the competition did not stop here. Jain adds, 6 million smartphones have been sold in India by the Diwali season Mi. Which is a record of course.

About one month (9th October-8th November), Xiaomi Cell ran. And, this Diwali cell has sold more than 8.5 million devices in the company (xiaomi).

As a result, the company’s earnings are about $ 1 billion. Clearly, the director told that, out of 8.5 million, only six minutes of smartphones and the remaining 2.5 billion, including MI TV and various accessory products.

The company has given heavy discount on heavy launches on heavy launches. Also, cashback, coupon offers discounted access mi users On the other hand, attractive features and low-budget, these factors have increased rapidly due to the demand and popularity of the company.

That’s why Mi’s two brands, redmi and mi, have been able to create market in India at a very short time.

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